Prototype Space Saver School
Los Angeles Unified School District
The particular site in Exposition Park juxtaposes a monumental and highly public site with the small scaled and more private requirements of an elementary school. The project proposes a definition of the school’s precinct with a screen which acts as a mediator between the large-scaled site and smaller elements of the school. The Screens provide multiple functions: security, sound protection, landscape, structural support, circulation, media presentation, and housing for energy systems, including solar collectors and photovoltaic cells. The classroom modules are composed of 3-4 classrooms with integrated outdoor teaching space and support facilities. The classroom elements are fabricated as individual units so that each can be placed in various locations within the modular structural frame. Walls between classrooms are openable, allowing spaces to become used as individual units or larger teaching stations. The shared outdoor teaching space is a central community area for each module. Classrooms are in turn furnished by modular technology laboratories and furniture, all of which is flexibly located within the classrooms elements.
Los Angeles Unified School Distric
competition team
Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham, A. Paradowski, M.Lee, M. Motonaga, T. Grant