Children's Museum of Los Angeles II
realized second scheme
Los Angeles, USA
The design philosophy for the new Children’s Museum of Los Angeles at Hansen Dam is based on three primary principles. First, pursuant to the educational mission of the Museum, the building will serve as one of the exhibits and instruct observers how it works by exposing its systems and inviting interaction.

Second, the design of the building is based on conventional construction with sustainable logic in its use. Natural ventilation augmented with cooling misters, thermal mass, solar shading, and storm water collection will all help to minimize the building’s impact on its surroundings.

Finally, the architecture will be part of the infrastructural landscape of the adjacent park. Three smaller sculptural volumes bridge inside and outside while a large ceiling plane floats over the space and contains all the building’s utilities.
Children's Museum of Los Angeles
project team
agps architecture ltd. / Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham (PV), Mark Motonaga (PL), Dominik Arioli, Joe Baldwin, Garo Balmanoukian, Russell Dykann, Mark Ericson, Sally Harris, Alyssa Holmquist, Jesse LeCavalier, Ilaria Mazzoleni, Sylvia Wallis
Eric Staudenmaier