Nam June Paik Museum
coiling through the earth
Seoul, South Korea
the building flickers
moving in and out of the ground
oscillating between darkness and light
shifting between a camera obscura
and a camera lucida

manipulated exhibition galleries
coil through the earth
generating space –
the ground’s constant temperature
cooling the building

the museum’s circuit
evolves into a multi-loop asystem
growing over time
expanding according to future needs
open to varied configurations

the modulation of light
alternately defines dimmed spaces
and bright spaces
shifting cognitive points of view
where ´light becomes the image’

two elements intertwine
a structure made of concrete
heavy and rough construction
enveloping a light inner liner
flexible and adaptable to change

54 paths through the museum
3 entry points
3 bifurcations
2 directions
competition team
Marc Angélil (PV), Sarah Graham, Joe Baldwin, Scott Utterstrom