tabula non rasa
basque country architecture institute
San Sebastián, ES
tabula non rasa

The 99¢ Space project is a conceptual probe into making inexpensive space. It stands within the tradition of making affordable housing in America using prefabricated and mail order components. The goal was to investigate how little one can pay for a livable space of habitation in a warm climate in the western world. While everyone likes a deal, this work was approached as research and exploration. The project transformed a prefabricated horse barn in rural California into a living/working unit with minimum means. Materials came from agricultural and industrial catalogs online, sourced as locally as possible. 99¢ Space is one component of an almost self-sustaining, almost off-grid farm, with 99¢ being the modus operandi of the overall design investigation.
project team
Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham, Frederick Kim, David Roth
in collaboration with videographer Jenny Rodenhouse