agps clues
exhibition at Aedes Gallery Berlin
Berlin, Germany
The exhibition explores the conceptions, input, processes, as well as unpredictable deviations which result in the spaces of built work. While buildings are made for specific purposes, subject to analysis, calculation, and evaluation, de facto human activities can never be fully anticipated. They just happen. And in doing so, they alter the course of design intentions.
Beginning with an installation within the Aedes Berlin gallery of a cantilevered 20 meter long by 3 meter high wall, we are making a spatial intervention – as this is what architects do above all else. The rough construction with careful structural balance is a first hint into the logic of our work.
On the wall are clues offering understanding of 19 selected architectural projects. Some involve the early conceptions, others describe design processes or requirements, and still others admit to unanticipated consequences of life. All provide essential keys to defining and understanding the work, while most evolved along the way.
Projected onto the gallery walls are the built spaces that are the evidence of our work. It can be said that these are the consequences of the clues. This is a continuing investigation of the intersections between architecture and everyday life. It evolved as an experiment aiming to view our work from perspectives other than those expected. In dialog with the book Another Take, 17 Short Stories on Architecture, we have sought out the hidden, informal, or surprising circumstances that accompany the making and the use of architecture.
project team
agps architecture ltd. / Julian Amann, Marc Angélil, Sarah Graham (PV), Hanspeter Oester, Reto Pfenninger, Manuel Scholl
Something Fantastic, Berlin, Dr. Joseph Schwartz Consulting, Zug