adidas World of Sports
urban design strategy
Herzogenaurach, Germany
Adidas-Salomon Inc. is developing its new global headquarters at the traditional home of the company in the city of Herzogenaurach, Germany. The site of 160 hectares (350 acres) was the former location of a US military base. The site will also include new housing and commercial areas.
Topography is the binding element for disparate programmatic components, linking the adidas campus, housing, and commercial area.
The adidas campus is a visual landscape, a composition of objects within a park
environment. The streamlined forms comprised of curves, lines, bulges, and smooth reflecting surfaces establish immediate associations with the fundamental values of sports, of movement and velocity.
The commercial area is organized as a dense framework of programmatically delineated strands combined with cuts and undulations in the ground, which form buildings, parking, open space.
The housing is conceived as a loose field structure laid upon a series of stepped plateaus following the curves of the hillside.
The core of the project is a Y-shaped open territory comprising leisure facilities and protected green areas such as biotopes, woods and meadows culminating in a public platform which overlooks the “World of Sports.“
adidas AG
competition team
Marc Angélil (PV), Thomas Hildebrand, Sarah Graham, Reto Pfenninger, Manuel Scholl (PV)
project team
Marc Angélil (PV), Sarah Graham, Reto Pfenninger, Manuel Scholl (PV) Thomas Hildebrand, Rüdiger Kreiselmayer, Christian Meili, Marcel Mathys, Philipp Röösli
Marco Ganz, Künstler
Anna Klingmann
Mark Burkhard