Prague, CZ
Our approach is structured around 5 interrelated topics or ‘scores’, which provide a narrative for both analysis and design – i.e., the study of the site in its historical layers as well as proposals for the area’s future development. The first score identifies the main urban actors defining Prague’s spatial armature: a viaduct, a park, a courtyard, a street front, a museum, a train station, and so forth. The second score foregrounds the actors’ roles in defining urban ensembles and, accordingly, the proposed project. The third score focusses on the significance of Prague’s blue and green infrastructure. Three primary landscape components are distinguished. The fourth score is dedicated to the viaducts that are part of Prague’s transportation infrastructure, all cutting through the existing city fabric: the historically protected Negrelli and Karlín viaducts; the potential viaduct of the NS2 connection; and lastly the re-dimensioning of the north-south arterial road or Magistrála as a viaduct in its own right. The fifth score addresses the assemblage of the disparate urban actors – the coming together of a park, a set of viaducts, a series of buildings along the tracks, an existing metro exhaust structure, and so on. What results from this encounter are particular urban spaces, with specific qualities and atmospheres, that aim to transform the current non-site into habitable places for human encounter.
Masaryk Station Development + ČSAD Praha Holding
competition team
Marc Angélil, Matej Draslar (PV), Ramon Beer, Mindel Michel, Rahime Osmani, Manuel Scholl
atelier girot + MØFA
IBV Hüsler AG
MOBA studio
B.I.R.T. Group