urban study
Zurich, CH
The City Architect for Zürich initiated a study for Manegg, an industrial neighborhood whose property owners had formed a consortium for redevelopment. The goal of the study was to develop through a public / private working process, determination of land use, densities, and updated functions for the neighborhood.
A series of workshops were held with city planners, city architects, traffic engineers, public parks representatives, housing advocates, environmental assessors, architects, property owners, and a developer.
Through the workshops, it was established that in order to provide increased public space use as well as to encourage profitable rebuilding by property owners, significant changes would be made: zoning of the neighborhood would be changed, streets changed to accommodate future traffic flow, public use zones and amenities broadened, and densities increased.
Implementation is in process for zoning changes
Stadt Zürich, CH
competition team
Marc Angélil (PV), Sarah Graham, Philipp Röösli, Manuel Scholl
Ernst Basler+Partner AG