train station building
Winterthur, CH
Adding urban density to the existing train station area in Winterthur, a two-phased series of buildings is proposed parallel to the train tracks. Functions include two levels of generous bicycle parking, ground floor retail spaces, and office space above. The buildings will form an edge to the tracks, thus reinforcing the street life of the city.

Volumetrically, the buildings are conceived as four stacked volumes that slip past one another. The first is the retail base and underground technical functions, followed by a street roof filled with mechanical functions, 1 meter thick in height and to be wrapped graphically by a collaborating artist. Above this are 3 levels of office buildings with standard façade articulation, and four double story penthouses. The shifted layers each use different façade materials.
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
competition team
Rolf Jenni, Reto Pfenninger, Manuel Scholl (PV)
project team
Jan Kiefer, Nele Kraeher, Roger Naegeli (PL), Hanspeter Oester (PV), Dario Papalo, Reto Pfenninger, Ines Trenner
GMS Partner AG
APT Ingenieure GmbH
Amstein + Walthert AG
Stäger + Nägeli AG
Braun Brandsicherheit AG
Lötscher Visuelle Kommunikation
Blanca Blarer, Künstlerin
Andrea Helbling, Reinhard Zimmermann