adidas mom herzogenaurach
new office complex
Herzogenaurach, DE
The extent of new building mass is a challenge for the spatial structure of the World of Sports and will definitively alter the understanding of scale of the overall campus. The proposed concentration of new building volume maintains the idea of continuous flow of space. Through its geometry and orientation, the MOM is to be understood as an addition to the diverse disposition of the individual existing and planned buildings. As a new object within the campus landscape, the MOM is perceived in relation to the surrounding trees; the grove like character is enhanced by additionally planted trees on the site. As a mutual foil, both building and trees enhance each others’ qualities.
adidas AG
competition team
Bettina Klinge (PL), Brigitte Münger, Yves Reinacher, Manuel Scholl (PV)
Breuninger Tragwerksplanung
Lemon Consult GmbH
Stäger & Nägeli
Bauhoch4 GmbH